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Why choose ASE Metal Recovery when selling your gold, jewelry and coins

When you're in the market to sell your gold, silver or platinum jewelry, coins or bullion, you want a company that you can trust, that you can be confident is providing you with a fair price and that will appraise your items in person with no obligation.

ASE Metal Recovery traces it's corporate roots back over 40 years. Our expert staff have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly evaluate and appraise your coins and jewelry, whether you're talking about a bag of wheat cents or a collection of antique victorian jewels.

With ASE you don't have to pack your jewelry and coins in a packet. Just call us, stop by our office or we'll come to you.

Unlike some of our competitors, we will always tell you exactly what we're paying for gold per DWT or gram, and you can rest assured it's always top dollar. We encourage comparison. Just give us a call at 368-5011 for the latest prices.

ASE does not refine all the gold we purchase. Quality, antique and vintage items are often resold to dealers. This additional profit is passed onto our customers when we purchase, meaning more money in your pocket.

We will appraise your items without any obligation. Setup an appointment, stop by our store and we'll review your items and make a cash offer on the spot.

ASE Metal Recovery does business ethically. Some pawn shops and dealers are more then glad to take in merchandise, paying a fraction of its worth, regardless of where it came from. At ASE we require proper identification, hold items for ten days and reserve the right to reject any merchandise that is questionable. Our experts have assisted in the recovery of merchandise from as far away as the Canadian border. Our business ethics are something we take very seriously.