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Sterling and Coin Silver

ASE Metal Recovery, Inc. buys sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver rounds and bars, sterling silver flatware & serving pieces, sterling silver bowls, trays, candlesticks, sterling silver personal accessories (mirrors, brushes, etc.) and early coin silver flatware & serving pieces. We will also purchase lower quality 800 fine silver items (80% silver as oppposed to 92.5% silver). We do not purchase "silver plated" items.

Some Sterling silver jewelry may appear gold in color. If the piece is marked "925" it is likely that it is sterling and has been electroplated or washed in gold.

When looking to sell your silver check your items for stamps or markings that represent the silver content. Sterling silver will generally be marked as "silver," "solid silver," "sterling silver," or "silver." It may also be stamped "925," ".925," or "92.5%." These numbers refer to the amount of silver content, 92.5%, contained in sterling silver. Coin silver may be labeled as "coin," "coin silver" or "pure coin," or it may be marked as "900," ".900" or "90." Lesser grade silver from South America, Mexico or India may be labeled "800," or ".800."

If your item is marked "Alpaca Silver," "silver plated," "quadruple silver plated," "silver coated" or "silver over copper," then it is silver plated or made of an alloy similar in appearnce to silver, and not something we would purchase.

If you have an item with no mark, or what appear to be old hallmarks, and you believe it to be silver or question whether it may be, bring it in or call and we can evaluate the piece for you.

Sterling silver, coin silver and lesser grade (800 fine) silver is purchased by weight. Frequently items are weighted (as in the case of candlesticks) or include other metals or materials(as is the case with knives with stainless steel blades or a thick bracelets that include a resin filling) and as such the weight must be estimated unless the items are broken up and the silver removed in advance.

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