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ASE Metal Recovery, Inc. buys sterling silver, gold and platinum jewelry and precious gemstones such as diamonds and natural rubies, sapphires and emeralds. ASE does not purchase purchase gold filled, gold plated or costume jewelry.

Most gold jewelry will have a mark or stamp indicating the amount of gold contained in the alloy used. Look for marks such as 8K or 333 (33.3% gold), 9K or 375 (37.5% gold), 10K or 417 (41.7% gold), 14K or 585 (58.5% gold), 18K or 750, or even 21K or 22K for higher gold content pieces. It should be noted, especially on higher karat jewelry, that the purity is not always consistent with the stamped mark. Especially in the case of 21K jewelry, the purity is frequently as low as 75% gold.

Marks such as GF or gold filled, GP or gold plated, RGP or rolled gold plated, EP or electroplated, HE or heavy gold plated, or fractions such as 1/10 or 1/20, indicate that the piece is not gold but rather includes gold only on the outside with a different base metal underneath. These items have extremely little gold content and are not purchased by ASE.

Platinum jewelry will be marked as PLAT, PT950 or PT900, indicating the amount of Platinum used in the alloy.

Sterling silver jewelry will generally be marked as "sterling silver," or "sterling." It may also be stamped "925," ".925," or "92.5%." Lesser grade silver from South America, Mexico or India may be labeled "800," or ".800."

When evaluating your jewelry our experts will first determine the amount of precious metal content in your item by checking the stamp, scratching a trace amount of the metal onto a stone and testing it with nitric acid. Once the purity and metal type is determine, the piece will be weighed in either ounces or pennyweights (each pennyweight is equal to 1/20th of an ounce). Payments are then based on the daily spot prices for precious metals.

Payments for diamonds and other natural gemstones are based on current wholesale market prices. We are always in the market for quality diamonds (H,I or better in color and SI or better in clarity) over 1/2 carat in size. Smaller diamonds, diamonds with visible inclusions and carbon and cloudy diamonds have little or no value to us and we may in fact offer to remove and return them before purchasing your jewelry.

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