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What are my gold jewelry and
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Cash for gold from ASE Metal Recovery, Inc.
How we pay

Gold, silver and platinum jewelry

We pay cash for gold silver, and platinum jewelry for amounts totalling less then $100. For amounts over $100, all payments are made by check. You must be over the age of 18, have valid photo identification and provide a statement of ownership for all items being sold.

Payments are based on the current spot prices for gold, silver and platinum and all items are weighed by the ounce or pennyweight (DWT). Follow this link to find out more information on how payments are calculated and what your gold jewelry may be worth.

Currently ASE is paying over $18 per DWT for 10K gold, over $28 per DWT for 14K and over $38 per DWT for 18K. Prices fluctuate daily. For an exact quote please call 518-368-5011.

Diamonds and Precious Gemstones

Payments for diamonds and other natural gemstones are based on the wholesale value as established in Rappaport Diamond Report, the Diamond Market Monitor and other similar publications.

90% Silver U.S. Coin

90% silver coins including pre-1964 Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes and Kennedy half dollars, Franklin halves, standing liberty quarters, mercury dimes and walking liberty half dollars are purchased per $1 of face with prices paid increasing with volume. Currently ASE is paying over $10 per $1 of face value for U.S. 90% silver coins. Prices fluctuate daily. For an exact quote please call 518-368-5011.

Fine Watches & Jewelry

Prices paid for fine watches, jewelry, vintage, estate and antique items are based on the marketable value of the piece.

For more information on what we buy or what we pay, please follow the links in the menu on the left. Click here to schedule an appointment, or call us at 518-368-5011.