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Host a Gold Buying Party

What is a gold buying party?

At one point or another you've probably been to a home party where one of your friends or neighbors was demonstrating colorful kitchen plastics, candles, makeup or maybe even jewelry. Chances are you might have even purchased something, whether you needed it or not, out of a sense of obligation. If you've hosted one of these home parties, you probably got to select your choice of gifts for having done so, maybe some new storage containers, some costume jewelry or some new scented candles.

Now imagine this same type of party, the same lively chit-chat, colorful stories and good company, except you put money in your pocket and your guests do the same?

A gold buying party by ASE Metal Recovery is similar to a Tupperware party or Lia Sophia party with one major difference, the host or hostess, instead of receiving products for hosting the party, receives cash. Here's how it works...

As a host or hostess you invite your friends, family and neighbors over for a gold buying party where they can bring all of their unwanted, unused or broken gold, silver and platinum jewelry to sell for cash. One or more of our experts will be at the party to appraise the jewelry and make cash offers (or check depending on the amount and local laws) on the spot.

As a party host, you not only get to sell your own gold at the party, but you also receive 10% of the party's sales. Since our average gold buying party takes in around $5,000, this means around $500 for spending time with your friends and family! In addition, we'll even give you $50 to go towards snacks, food and drinks for the event.

Give us a call at 518-368-5011 for more information or to book your very own Gold Party!