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Cash for your Dental Gold

ASE Metal Recovery, Inc. buys dental gold including old crowns, bridges, substructures and modern "grills."

Modern "grills" are frequently made from melted down jewelry and range in karat fineness from around 9K up to 16K. Most commonly they are near 10K or 14K, or 41.7% gold or 58.5% gold roughly.

Old crowns, bridges and substructures vary greatly in karat fineness from less then 10K up to around 22K. Most commonly, they are around 14K to 16K, or around 60% gold.

Dentists used a number of different gold alloys so it is almost impossible for you to know the gold content of your dental gold without having it tested by a professional. As a rule of thumb however, gold colored alloys will usually have a higher karat finess and were used to make crowns.

White colored dental gold allows were usually composed of 60% noble metals (gold, platinum and/or palladium) with at least 40% being gold. These alloys were frequently used to make all white crowns or as substructures onto which porcelain would be bonded.

To accurately determine the gold content and karat fineness of your dental gold, we recommend bringing it in to our shop at 891 New Loudon Rd. in Latham. For more information you can call 518-368-5011.

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