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Cash for gold from ASE Metal Recovery, Inc.
Commercial Accounts

ASE Metal Recovery, Inc. buys gold, silver and platinum jewelry from antique dealers, pawn shops, jewelry stores and any other company offering "cash for gold" services to their clientele. We also purchase coins, bullion, flatware and sterling silver personal accessories.

As a wholesale dealer, we do not melt all of the jewelry we purchase. This means that frequently we can afford to pay higher prices for your quality merchandise. If you already have an established relationship with a refinery, you may still want to consider holding back your vintage and antique pieces instead of just receiving melt value.

Unlike some of our competitors, ASE provides volume incentives at only 50 DWT and will travel to your location to pick up merchandise.

If you're a dealer in vintage, antique or quality jewelry, an antique dealer looking to supplement their inventory with some quality jewelry or a shop looking for some high profit margin inexpensive sterling silver jewelry, ASE is your number one source for high quality, reasonably priced wholesale merchandise.

If you are a dealer and would like more information on what we pay, what we buy or what we sell, call 518-368-5011.