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Gold, silver and platinum bullion

ASE Metal Recovery, Inc. is always interested in buying precious metal bullion from dealers and the public. If you're ready to sell all or part of your precioud metal holdings, give us a call at 518-368-5011.

ASE is always looking to purchase gold bullion including American Eagle gold coins, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins, South African Krugerrand gold coins, British gold sovereigns, Gold Buffalo Coins and Gold bars. We are also buying silver bars and rounds, silver American Eagle coins, Canadian silver Maple Leaf coins, pre 1964 U.S. 90% silver, Canadian silver coins, platinum bars from PAMP and others, Canadian platinum Maple Leaf coins, platinum American Eagle coins and Australian platinum Koala coins.

ASE purchases not only the various bullion products mentioned above, but will also buy other forms of precious metals not listed. If you're not sure whether or not we'd be interested in your bullion just give us a call.

Precious metals buy prices are based on the daily spot prices for metals as established by the market. Payments for precious metals bullion are made by check and all transactions are recorded and where required by law, reported.

For more information on what we buy or what we pay, please follow the links in the menu on the left. Click here to schedule an appointment, or call us at 518-368-5011.